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MB2e 110V (USA/Canada/North America)

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MB2e 110V (USA/Canada/North America)

9.00 LBS
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MagicalButter Makes Herbal Butters, Oils, Tinctures, Soups, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Skin Care Products, Pet Medicines, and more.

Product Weight is 8 Pounds

Product Width 10 Inches

Product Height 14 Inches

Product Depth 10 Inches

Capacity 2-5 Cups of Liquids

*LoveGlove, PurifyFilter and 110V power cord are included with each machine.

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  1. Great machine

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Nov 2015

    Works just like advertisement. Only problem is you can't make small batches. I would rather make small batches and make them more often. So I can use the product before it gets old.

  2. Easy Peasy!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Nov 2015

    Easy to use. Quick and easy clean up. And makes the best product! Love it!

  3. Great product

    Posted by Hayz on 5th Nov 2015

    I fused dried rosemary with unsalted butter but after using oil to infuse my herbs I find its easier to clean then butter.
    Im going fused mint and lemon rinds with vg liquid for my vaporizer, let see if it works.

  4. Makes a Tedious Process Easy

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Nov 2015

    Using to make tinctures for health reasons. Could not be easier to use and to clean. Assistance from customer service was amazing and immediate. Step by step instructions on making what I needed. Many Thanks!

  5. It has been pure LOVE!

    Posted by Lyn Kusher on 24th Mar 2015

    I LOVE this machine. I say that all the time. It is so easy to use and clean and produces great quality oil. The Customer Service for this company is 5 star plus! They always answer, are smart and funny and take care of business. I recommend to everyone!

  6. Pro World Peace

    Posted by JeffreyJames on 22nd Mar 2015

    I love it because it helps for my olive oil to taste like it should without a bad after taste.

  7. Time and money saving kitchen appliance

    Posted by Patricia Smith on 21st Mar 2015

    I hesitated and researched this product before purchasing one.It seemed like a big investment for someone with a limited income; but with the first batch of pain salve I made, (which was easy with the MB2), my investment paid for itself! I love the MB2 and the endless recipe possibilities. This company stands behind their product. Purchase with confidence.

  8. Worth Every Penny!

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2015

    This well built appliance is easy to use push buttons

  9. Worth the money.

    Posted by Pat on 19th Mar 2015

    This is a well built appliance. It's easy to use and it works.

  10. Eazy smeezy

    Posted by Lzdldy on 19th Mar 2015

    This beats the old crockpot witches brew method, hands down. The only thing I would like to see improved is the draining/straining process. Got an extra 1/4 cup by having a stronger friend twist and squeeze. Seems like some kind of clothes wringer type of device could work. Wish I had more product to experiment with.

  11. Home Run!

    Posted by Tony on 17th Mar 2015

    Making the highest quality coconut oil & butter infusions has never been easier! Simple & satisfying. I can tell from the quality of this machine that I will be using it for years to come! Every medicinal patient should have one of these! Thank you for making such a great product.

  12. Best butter

    Posted by blwells on 15th Mar 2015

    works great but, is a bit loud @ times

  13. I love my MB2

    Posted by Marshall on 15th Mar 2015

    I absolutely love my machine!! It has so many uses! I used it right out of the box. Best butter I've ever made!!!

  14. Tincture, oil, eCig juice and more...

    Posted by Mulderdaank on 15th Mar 2015

    I have made a glycerin tinctures out of this that I know are stronger than any tincture I have bought from a store. Put it in, hit the button, go relax... It works every time, flawlessly. My only recommendation is to get (an optional) 90 micron mesh for straining as it helps remove more of the particles than the 50 micron, included, mesh does.

    Every patient, smoker, eater or any connoisseur should own this — it takes the guess work and all issues out of making butter, tincture, oil and more.

  15. Best machine ever

    Posted by Zim, Estes Park, Co on 13th Mar 2015

    I made 3 batches and the handle broke. I sent the machine back and they sent me a new one immediately. Greatest customer service ever. The machine make great everything if you follow the directions right!!!

  16. capacity flaw

    Posted by sammy on 13th Mar 2015

    I can't give this product any rating other then 5 star because it works flawlessly. Absolute perfect extracts every time. However my only complaint is that the minimum amount of herb required to use the machine is to high. Other then that this machine is made too well and they should raise the price of it!!

  17. Super easy clean up a biggie for me

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Mar 2015

    Purchase this product to make butter mostly. It does everything very well. The oil gets made at 160 degrees so then run thru still to recover alcohol. It's great. Everything it does it great and clean up the best. That is what use to drive me nuts was clean up. Do this right after you empty liquids, add soap, water to between low and full marks and hit clean. WOW, no mess!!! Five stars isn't enough.

  18. a worthwhile investment!

    Posted by Myles on 12th Mar 2015

    I've made 2 batches so far, the first was made using 2 cups of cold pressed cocontut oil and 1oz of bud and it turned out pretty good but not quite strong enough. The second batch was made using 3oz of bud to 4 cups of the same type of coconut oil and it turned out much better, darked and stronger.

  19. Great Investment!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2015

    I Love It! It's easy to use, easy to clean and takes up very little space in the cupboard.
    I Highly Recommend this product to anyone who Loves Edibles!

  20. Awesome

    Posted by GanjaRaised on 8th Mar 2015

    Highly recommend this to anyone who makes edibles. Saved me so much time.

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