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MB2e 110V (USA/Canada/North America)

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MB2e 110V (USA/Canada/North America)

9.00 LBS
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We are currently on back-order. All Pre-Orders will ship out in the order they are received. Estimated ship date: 12th May 2016

MagicalButter Makes Herbal Butters, Oils, Tinctures, Soups, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Skin Care Products, Pet Medicines, and more.

Product Weight is 8 Pounds

Product Width 10 Inches

Product Height 14 Inches

Product Depth 10 Inches

Capacity 2-5 Cups of Liquids

*LoveGlove, PurifyFilter and 110V power cord are included with each machine.

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  1. Great machine!

    Posted by Kim & Frank , Maine on 29th Apr 2016

    My husband and I have used this machine twice now and love it! We had difficulty making coconut oil on our own , this machine does it all for you! It's easy to use and makes some great oil! I highly recommend it!

  2. What a fantastic machine!!

    Posted by William on 28th Apr 2016

    Just exactly what i was expecting, Very solid and efficient. Don't hesitate!

  3. Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2016

    I don't regret spending the money to get one of these awesome machines. Having the magical butter machine makes it so much easier to infuse and extract thc. I love my machine <3

  4. Works like a charm

    Posted by Julie on 27th Apr 2016

    The machine works perfectly; the machine's operator has a learning curve. On the maiden voyage, I was so concentrated on getting the right amount of herb that I wasn't concentrating on the correct amount of butter. Luckily, someone at MB answered my SOS and told me how I could remedy the problem. This is a good machine and the people behind it are good as well.

  5. Works Great!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Apr 2016

    After watching a YouTube video, I added the step of running the finished MB product through a kitchen strainer prior to straining in the MB Purify Filter.

    I recommend!

  6. Oh the Magic

    Posted by Scott Edwards on 24th Apr 2016

    I have had this machine for 2 weeks now and can not be happier! Make life so much easier when you are infusing your botanicals.. just put in your ingredients and set it and forget it..

  7. Fantastic! One tip though

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2016

    Before I used the MB2 machine for the first time, I followed the directions for a "Clean" cycle. Afterwards, I was patting it down with paper towels and noticed some kind of silver gunk was rubbing off from the bottom chamber. I'm not sure what it was (polish, maybe?) but giving it a hand wash and scrubbing the chamber down again got rid of the rest of it.

    After that, I made some of the best butter I've ever had. Highly recommended, but make sure to hand wash the machine before you use it!

  8. Healing Machine

    Posted by Sheila on 22nd Apr 2016

    I am very grateful for this product. I could not have achieved the benefits to my overall health without it. I help many others on this journey as well with the medicines I am able to create. Thank you Magical Butter, you are helping to save lives!

  9. Great!

    Posted by Teresa on 20th Apr 2016

    Easy to use. Easy to clean. Great recipes. Love it!!

  10. I Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2016

    Greatest way to get away from smoking. I love it. I have one large suggestion, How about a smaller version so I can make smaller quantities.

  11. Truly magical

    Posted by Susan Myers on 18th Apr 2016

    You've heard of "dump cakes"? Well this machine is like that! Dump your herbs & oil/butter in, set timer & voila!
    The only thing is you have to scrape down the sides between cycles. That mixing blade is powerful! Otherwise, it's the easiest thing to use. Thanks for giving it to me

  12. 100% satisfied customer!!!!!

    Posted by Bryan Ambrose on 14th Apr 2016

    I was a bit skeptical before my purchase but after just one batch of Magic Oil, I'm sold. This product takes the guesswork and time out of making these extracts. 100% AWESOME!!! 100% SATISFIED!!!

  13. awesome

    Posted by Maui Man on 10th Apr 2016

    I had resisted buying one of these because I always liked to do things the old way... standing over the crock-pot stirring and checking the temp, but I'm glad I evolved. This makes everything so much easier and there is no difference in quality from the older more labor-intensive ways. Perfect finished product every time!

  14. Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Apr 2016

    I Love the Magical Butter Machine 2! Great product and easy to use.

  15. Bedt machine ever made

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Apr 2016

    This is a wonderful machine! I have used it many times and it makes life easier.

  16. Perfect Kitchen Appliance

    Posted by Tom Carpenter on 8th Apr 2016

    I have been making butter and edibles probably longer than several readers have been alive and I have gone from the rough, rudimentary stage to a more refined one over the many years. The MBM sure would have been handy about 19 yrs ago when I started to concentrate on butter and oils. More recently, the past 4 yrs., additionally, I have been making tinctures. But it was all pretty messy, labor intensive, time consuming and according to my wife, smelly. Well, the MBM takes care of all those problems and has a self-cleaning feature to boot!! Haven't had any issues, so I can't really review customer service, but this is a well built unit that I'm sure is easy to stand behind. Don't get sucked into buying from Ebay or Amazon to save a couple bucks, the warranty will not be recognized. There is a magic code to receive a discount on the MBUsers FB page. The glove and filter are awesome and durable. Make medicine at home! Wish I had gotten a T-shirt (green, Lg), but I saved 40 bucks so not complaining.

  17. Perfect and Simple

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2016

    This made the whole process easy. Also thank you for the videos those are a great tutorial.

  18. CORRECTION now 5 star

    Posted by Stephen on 7th Apr 2016

    MagicalButter DOES HAVE good customer service after all! I was fortunate to to finally be contacted by staff (both by email and phone) who do have excellent understanding of customer service orientation and retention resulting in resolution of my issue. I now highly recommend MB!

  19. Fun and easy

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Apr 2016

    The coconut oil is pretty magical too. Love cooking with the infused oil.

  20. Thumbs up

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Apr 2016

    Takes all guess work out of the equation. I only wish the cover locked.

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